40 Free Trance Presets for Sytrus in FL Studio

40 free trance presets for Sytrus which can be downloaded for free, some very nice trance Sytrus presets designed for trance music producers using FL Studio.

What’s inside this free Trance Sytrus Preset pack?

  • BS Bass For Middle Part 2.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • BS Bass For Middle Part.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • BS Bass For Offbeat.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • LD Another Cosmic.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • LD Cosmic Lead.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • LD Crystalize.fst (Sytrus fl studio preset)
  • LD Erh-hu.fst
  • LD Harp.fst
  • LD Imperishable Night.fst
  • LD Koto 1.fst
  • LD Koto 2.fst
  • LD Massive Saw.fst
  • LD Pluck Luxurious 1.fst
  • LD Pluck Luxurious 2.fst
  • LD Pluck Standard.fst
  • LD Pluck Warm.fst
  • LD Rhythmic Pluck.fst
  • LD Shooting Star.fst
  • LD Short Square.fst
  • LD Simple Sine Lead.fst
  • LD Simple Square.fst
  • LD Stardust.fst
  • LD Super Saw.fst
  • LD Wild Saw.fst
  • PD Massive Strings.fst
  • Pluck Luxurious 1.fst
  • SEQ Saw Sequence.fst

Also has a bonus pack of more Sytrus presets

  • BS Deep Pluck.fst
  • BS Deep.fst
  • BS Mid Saw.fst
  • LD Short Square.fst
  • LD Trance Lead 01.fst
  • LD Trance Lead 02.fst
  • LD Trance Lead 03.fst
  • LD Trance Lead 04.fst
  • LD Trance Lead 05.fst
  • PD Euphoria.fst
  • PD Euphoric Pad.fst
  • PD Soaring.fst
  • PD Trancy.fst

This Sytrus pack for FL Studio was created by Refield, go, and subscribe to Refind on youtube to support him for his hard work on producing such Systrus Preset.

MySoundPacks was funded in 2020 to help music producers with music production-related material and resources.

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