Free NI Massive Preset Pack For Modern Beats

This is a very nice NI Massive preset pack for making modern beats, it’s definitely a must use NI Massive VST preset pack which anyone will love to use for making them the modern type of electro-house type of beats or just modern beats in general, great massive preset for making them the game type of sounds.  (most preset sounds in this pack are influenced by WoodenToaster)

What’s inside this Massive Preset Pack?

  • 3 Octave Buzzer Modified for Deepbassness that sounds like cello.nmsv
  • An Air Of Detuned Lead for Awoken.nmsv
  • Analogue Dreamsforawokenremix.nmsv
  • basscannon.nmsv
  • Beyond Her Garden Bass.nmsv
  • BHG Lead.nmsv
  • Grindy Bass1.nmsv
  • InterBassMission1.nmsv
  • NMNLead.nmsv
  • Pinkie’s Lie Bass.nmsv
  • Rainbow Factory Bass.nmsv
  • ReeseBass.nmsv
  • She’s A Pony Bass.nmsv
  • She’s A Pony Lead.nmsv

Special thanks to Franny Francisca from youtube for creating such great NI massive preset sounds, go check him out here. 

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