Free 41 Absynth Preset Bank – Deep Space Absynth Presets

41 Deep Space inspired Absynth preset bank for free download, some very nice deep space Absynth presets which can be downloaded for free.

What’s inside this free Absynth preset bank?

  • Alien Brass.nabs
  • Alien Communication.nabs
  • Alien Strings.nabs
  • Alien Virus 2.nabs
  • Alien Virus.nabs
  • Alpha Centauri.nabs
  • Antimatter.nabs
  • Aurora.nabs
  • Black Hole.nabs
  • Constellations.nabs
  • Convection.nabs
  • Corona.nabs
  • Deep Space 2.nabs
  • Deep Space 3.nabs
  • Deep Space.nabs
  • Distant Bells.nabs
  • Distant Pulse.nabs
  • Elevation.nabs
  • Geocentric.nabs
  • Gravity.nabs
  • Heliocentric.nabs
  • Laser Fire 2.nabs
  • Laser Fire 3.nabs
  • Laser Fire.nabs
  • Low Rumble.nabs
  • Magnetosphere.nabs
  • Propulsion.nabs
  • Pulsating.nabs
  • Resonance.nabs
  • Robo Talk.nabs
  • Satellite Crosstalk.nabs
  • Solar Wind.nabs
  • Space Alarm.nabs
  • Stratosphere.nabs
  • Supernova.nabs
  • SYNTH PLANE.nabs
  • Terrestrial Planet.nabs
  • UFO.nabs
  • Underworld.nabs

This Absynth preset pack was created by Zach Gibson, check out Zach Gibson’s youtube for more cool Absynth presets and cool free samples for music production. Show some love and subscribe to Zach Gibson (for both mac and windows)

MySoundPacks was funded in 2020 to help music producers with music production-related material and resources.

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