425 Free 3xOSC Presets for FL Studio

Here we have huge 425 free 3xOSC Presets for fl studio, which can be downloaded for free. Used by many different genres of music producers This huge 3xOSC Preset pack is something most producers should add to their music production library. We have more 3xOSC Presets for FL Studio right here.

When it comes to fl studio, most music producers are aware of the building in core plugins, one of them is called 3xOSC, this where you can download all 425 free 3xOSC presets.

This preset pack contains leads, synths, pianos, bass, and much more.

  • Leads
  • Pianos
  • 808 Bass
  • Sub Bass
  • Percs
  • Pads
  • Effects
  • Arps

Special thanks to THP for producing such a great preset pack which is free to download, please show some love and go and follow TBH on youtube or check out the TBH website here.

External Download by thehighestproducers.com

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