Current DateJanuary 2, 2021
16 Free 3Xosc Presets for FL Studio

16 Free 3Xosc Presets for FL Studio for Modern Music Producers

Great quality 16 3Xosc Presets for FL Studio music producers, these 3Xosc Presets are for producers looking to produce Dance, EDM, Trance, Hip-Hop, and Modern Beats. (more 3xosc presets here)

What’s inside this 3Xosc Preset for FL Studio?

  • Alien Pluck.fst
  • Big Pad.fst
  • Bright Pad.fst
  • Clean Arp.fst
  • Clean Wobble.fst
  • Click Sub Bass.fst
  • Crisp Clean Lead.fst
  • Crisp Detune Lead.fst
  • Delay Synth.fst
  • Electro Lead.fst
  • Game Blips.fst
  • Gritty Synth.fst
  • Gritty Wobble.fst
  • Nice Sub-bass.fst
  • Phat Pad.fst
  • Triangle Bass.fst

Special thanks to Dar’rell Banks (AKA all4beatz) for making such great 3Xosc Presets, check out more presets from Dar’rell Banks on youtube, make sure to subscribe.



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