Current DateJanuary 3, 2021
Spacewalk FREE Melodic Trap Loops Sound Pack

Space Type FREE Melodic Trap Loops Sound Pack – Spacewalk

Spacewalk Free melodic trap loops sound pack for creating those spacey type of beats, great for creating those lo-fi type of lil-pump and xxxtentacion type of beats. Space type free melodic trap loops sound pack contains 5 very well mixed and mastered trap loops which can easily be used inside any wav supporting DAW’s.

What in this trap sound pack?

  • Anemine 155 C#m.wav – Melodic Trap Loop
  • Bane 151 B.wav – Melodic Trap Loop
  • Goliath 160 G#.wav – Melodic Trap Loop
  • Hex 138 C#m.wav – Melodic Trap Loop
  • Khalif 147 D#m.wav – Melodic Trap Loop

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