Current DateJanuary 2, 2021
6 Free Guitar Melody Loops

6 Free Guitar Melody Loops for Trap and Hip-Hop Type Beats

6 free guitar melody loops which can be downloaded for free, aimed at trap and hip-hop music producers, this sound pack contains some very nice guitar melody loops.

Which Guitar Loops are included in this Sound Melody Loop Pack?

  • Ages 145 Cm
  • Blaze 92 C#m
  • Eon 145 Bm
  • Flame 165 C#min
  • Jaded 147 Cm
  • Oath 130 Dm

Supported DAW?

All 6 guitar melody loops in this cool sound pack can be easily loaded to any of your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW) which supports the import of a .wav file format.

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