FREE Lofi Sample Pack Serenity – Free Lofi Sample Melody Loops

If you are a music producer looking for FREE Lofi Sample Pack or some cool Free Lofi Sample Melody Loops, this is the perfect free download.

FREE Lofi Samples includes in this pack

  • broken record – 88BPM Dmaj
  • dreaming – 60BPM Amaj
  • echoes – 80BPM Gmaj
  • losing sleep – 64BPM Bmin
  • midnight aura – 74BPM Cmin
  • take care – 78BPM Gmin
  • tranquillity – 85BPM F#maj
  • visions – 83BPM Emin

All melody loops have been Prod by Jason Breyer (youtube link) also check him out on Instagram.

Other melody loops you should go and download here at MySoundPacks

MySoundPacks was funded in 2020 to help music producers with music production-related material and resources.

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